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When you’re ready, JT Solar will put their decades of experience in electrical engineering to work for you.  There are a number of things to consider when installing solar.  Are you looking to completely eliminate your PG&E bill? It’s possible! Fresno and The Central Valley are ideal for maximizing the sun’s potential.  Or, are you looking to cut your electric bill?  Energy costs are tiered, so a small solar system can have a big impact on your energy bill and save you thousands.  Aesthetics, panel placement and orientation must also be considered.
Solar Consultation & Assessment
Step 1.
JT Solar Inc. specialists will conduct an on site survey and analysis of the property to determine what solution is optimal for the job.
Solar System Design
Step 2.
Utilizing the latest solar technology available, electrical specialists will design a solar array to maximize your solar solution.
Solar Hardware Installation
Step 3.
To maximize the aesthetic impact, JT Solar Inc. only implements the latest and most efficient systems available!
How Much Can You Save? Free Energy Audit.
JT Solar Inc. Fresno Power SurveyBy assessing your current kilowatt usage and cost, JT Solar can calculate your savings based on the size of the solar system you install and available tax credits.  Get a savings estimate using our Solar Calculator
(click here) then call us for a FREE Energy Audit.
Central Valley is Ideal for Solar
Solar power is an ideal energy solution for Fresno homeowners for two reasons.  First, Fresno has more full-sun days than most places in the country, which means your solar system can re-supply the grid (i.e. spin backwards) and make you money!  Second, our hot summers and cold winters create huge demands on heating and cooling, causing you to pay the highest tier price.  Cut yourself loose from the grid, save money and Go Green! Call JT Solar today!
Solar power in Fresno is the ideal solution due to the high power demands of heating and cooling in the extreme summer and winter months. Taking an assessment of the homeowners current kilowatt cost, JT Solar can calculate the extent of the benefits of going solar.
Not only will an efficient solar system reduce power costs and drastically reduces a household's carbon footprint. During peak hours of the day, a solar system can provide a great deal of power independent of the grid, and re supply residual power, in essence making you money!