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JT Solar Inc. begins each solar project with a thorough assessment of each individual property. Existing properties of each individual property are considered before initiating a solar solution design and installation. Solar systems in the Fresno area can be optimized to adhere to structural and environmental factors that will result in maximum utilization of the Sun's energy.
Technical Assessment
Technical Solar Consulting | JT Solar Inc. Fresno Solar CompanyOrientation of the proposed property relative to the Sun is a critical factor in maximization of an efficient solar system. JT Solar Inc. utilizes seasonal data to find the best solution for any given location and configures our solar systems accordingly.
Technical Assessment
Fresno Residentail Solar Consulting | JT Solar Inc.Roof pitch is another determining factor that influences how an effective solar system is proposed and deployed. JT Solar Inc. calculates the existing profile of the property's roof profile and proposes the correct mounting hardware and installation location for best results. The size of the panels and solar array can then be determined to maximize the cumulative output of the system. The greater the surface area as well as location and orientation are critical in the assessment
Integrated Solar Solution
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