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JT Solar Inc. works with the premier solar hardware system manufactures to provide a wide array of modular solar installation options, customized to provide the largest benefit and versatility for our customers. Often times, the contour of the roof pitch or orientation might not yield the ideal solution for an optimal solar system. By expanding the possibilities of a solar array configuration, roof, ground or pole mounting options for static solar systems can insure the best possible scenario, and deliver the maximum return on investment for the ideal solar installation.
UNIRAC® Roof Mounting System
UNIRAC® Pole Mounting System
UNIRAC® Ground Mounting System
Minimal Aesthetic Impact And Forward Thinking Modular Design
JT Solar Inc. mounting systems are manufactured from a single source. A high grade aluminum and steel structure features minimal parts for ease of installation and structural integrity. The existing aesthetic integrity of your property is also important to us.Our systems can be installed on most roofing types, including barrel and Spanish tiles and composition tile with minimum impact. Custom tilt features can be implemented to utilize south facing roof lines, as well as ground or pole mount variations to accommodate virtually any spatial scenario. Additionally, these solar systems are so modular, if you choose to relocate, these integral systems can be easily disassembled and re-deployed at a new location with minimal effort. Ask our skilled staff about installation options today.
Solar System Mounting Technology
JT Solar System Mounting Technology